Channel program marketing

Huawei logo program

Huawei partners can demonstrate their relationship with Huawei by using specific logos. Companies that qualify may use the logos specified in their partner or program agreement. Of course, only companies certified by Huawei can use Huawei’s channel partner logos. Huawei partners use ”Huawei Enterprise Partner/Gold, Silver, Authorized” partner logo.

In addition, individuals can acquire specialist qualifications after passing Huawei’s specialist certification exams. Specialist certifications include the following:

  • HCSA, Huawei Certified Sales Associate
  • HCPA, Huawei Certified Pre-Sales Associate
  • HCS-Field, Huawei Certified Field Specialist

Downloading Certification Logos

Huawei co-marketing center

Marketing materials are available from the Huawei website. You can search for materials by key words or document names. You can also get lists of all documents for categories such as products of specific types and solutions of specific types.

Types of Marketing Materials
Huawei’s marketing materials range from brief descriptions of Huawei technologies to in-depth documents about products, solutions, and services. The brief descriptions are for use in locations such as exhibition halls and demo trucks. Product, solution, and services materials include bidding and branding documents, brochures, case studies, slide presentations, sales guides, training programs, and white papers.

  • Product Marketing Materials
  • Service Sales Materials
  • Solution Marketing Materials

Joint Market Fund (JMF) is a special market development fund managed by Huawei to support partners’ marketing activities, help increase sales, and enhance Huawei’s brand image. Pedab is Huawei partners first point of contact for leveraging JMF funds. Apply for funds for:

  • Advertising and Branding Advertising campaigns led by partners
  • Briefings Customer experience activities organized by partners
  • Collateral and Sales Tools
  • Corporate Sponsorship Huawei sponsors partner-led marketing
  • Direct Mail (DM)/ Email Direct Marketing (EDM) Mail/email marketing of Huawei products led by partners.
  • Telemarketing Telemarketing of Huawei products led by partners.
  • Promotional Items (inexpensive items) Expensive gifts are not allowed.
  • Door prizes/lottery purposes etc are sensitive and should be only a very small portion of the total cost.
  • Tradeshows Exhibitions initiated by third-party industry organizations or institutions
  • Webcasts Sales, technology promotion, and training activities

Not allowed: entertainment and more expensive door prizes/lotteries/give aways.


  • Huawei bears a maximum of 50% of the total amount of a JMF activity, and partners bear all expenses except Huawei’s fund.
  • The partner’s certification must be valid throughout the JMF period.
  • The partner must meet or exceed the minimum performance requirement.
  • The partner must execute the activities as required and complete activity acceptance according to activity types,


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