Huawei Wi-Fi 6
  • What Is Wi-Fi 6?

    Wi-Fi 6 uses the latest generation of IEEE wireless LAN standards: 802.11ax, and the Wi-Fi Alliance calls the new standard Wi-Fi 6 for easy reference (Wi-Fi 5 is 802.11ac). That means the Wi-Fi 6 technologies are standard and interoperate easily with previous Wi-Fi versions.

    “Wi-Fi 6 is essential for transforming the way we support applications on today’s Wi-Fi networks. Its deployment allows a new and improved user experience in dense deployment scenarios compared to that of previous Wi-Fi generations”

  • Benefits of Wi-Fi 6

    This Wi-Fi powers your enterprise forward by dramatically boosting capacity and slashing delay. Wi-Fi 6 offers four times the system capacity of Wi-Fi 5, four times the concurrent access, and 60% lower transmission latency. This is quick, responsive Wi-Fi. This is Wi-Fi for lots of users who need lots of bandwidth and a great user experience.

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