Huawei ECO-Connect Nordic 2018

Huawei ECO-Connect Nordic 2018

Activate Intelligence in Digital Transformation

Nov 1, 2018 | Grand Hotel, Stockholm

The fourth revolution of science and technology has arrived, and we are at the threshold of a fully connected, intelligent world. The role of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is especially crucial as an innovative technology which is reorganizing business models — enabling companies to get in touch with customers through personalization at a previously unknown scale while actively engaging with consumers in real time.

On behalf of myself and Huawei Europe, I have the pleasure to invite you to Huawei Eco-Connect Nordic which will be held in Stockholm, Sweden on November 1st, 2018. That our European flagship event is designed to help enterprises find new business opportunities by utilizing digital platforms and activating intelligence to acquire new clients and boost digital transformation. You will be joined by the best minds in the industry — including international ICT experts, analysts and ecosystem partners. Besides this, you will have a chance to discover more information about the recent innovations and trends in ICT.

Huawei Eco-Connect Nordic offers Key Notes from industry experts and you will have access to several forums, breakout sessions, and panel discussions. Together, we will address the following:

• Taking advantage of existing ICT infrastructure to integrate AI into businesses
• Help Enterprises to generate business revenue by utilizing digital platforms
• Share industry trends and ideas from industry and third party experts
• Discover new prospects and partnerships

James Li,
Member of the Supervisory Board,
President of the European Region, Huawei Technologies

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