Channel Partner Program

Huawei is committed to building a strong and global partner ecosystem, which supports the long-term growth of Huawei’s enterprise business through the collaboration between Huawei and partners.

The Huawei website provides access to Huawei information and systems. You can apply for registration on their site. After completing registration of Channel Partner Program, channel partners can start doing business with Huawei and be authorized to access more resources.

Become a Huawei partner: Register today! 

Additionally, registered partners are granted the access rights to apply for channel partner certification, deal registration, and online ordering on our interactive network platform eChannel. To become a Huawei registered partner, your company must be registered with the appropriate authorities and pass Huawei’s Trade Compliance Review.

Huawei provides standard and high-level training programs for employees of Channel Partners to help them improve their technology specialties and sales skills. Huawei provides channel-specific and value-added policies based on the cooperation, contribution, and certification levels of its Partners.

  • Training on products and technology, sales strategies, sales skills, management, engineering technology, and commercial orders
  • Products and industrial solutions
  • Sales incentives
  • Credit support
  • Commercial support
  • Support for marketing and branding campaigns
  • Channel policies and business guidance
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