Huawei FusionStorage

This is Huawei FusionStorage!

Huawei FusionStorage is self-developed SDS platform (Software Defined Storage). FusionStorage is built on x86 servers with Huawei’s own SSD drives (Instead of a traditional SAN/NAS control enclosure).
It supports Block, File and Object services and manage 99.9999% availability with Active-Active and Erasure Coding.
Scalability is almost endless, maximum 4096 nodes!.

Why buy it and typical scenarios for this solution?
FusionStorage is a very good option for companies which need a common platform for storage with high availability (Active-Active), easy to scale out/ grow with world-leading performance.
Don’t you know how much your data will grow in future? Do you have peak IOPS that are difficult to handle? Do you want to shorten the installation time for expansion?
Then FusionStorage is the right solution for your company!

Key points

  • 99.9999% reliability with A-A replication and SPC-1 world record performance,
  • supports NVMe, SSD and HDD
  • Massive scale-out, scalability (4096 nodes, ExaByte-level capacity)
  • On-demand provisioning of block, file or object storage
  • Open architecture

Config example for 100TB Block storage

  • 5x Huawei 2288H V5(2*Silver 4109 CPU,6*16G DIMM,2*10GE,12*6TB SATA,2*1.6TB NVMe SSD Disk)
  • 1x CE5855-48T4S2Q-EI Switch(48-Port GE RJ45,4-Port 10G SFP+,2-Port 40G QSFP+,2*AC Power Module
  • 2x CE6855-48S6Q-HI Switch(48-Port 10G SFP+,6-Port 40GE QSFP+,2*AC Power Module
  • 360x FusionStorage license (per raw TB)

Read more about Huawei FusionStorage here.

FusionStorage 6 0 Launch Video

Huawei Distributed FusionStorage

FusionStorage Maintenance: Replace CPUs

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