Atlas 300 AI Accelerator Card

Atlas 300 AI Accelerator Card

Application Scenarios of Atlas 300 AI Accelerator Card

Atlas 300 AI Accelerator CardBased on the Ascend 310 AI processor, the Atlas 300 AI accelerator card is packaged in a standard half-height, half-length PCIe card form factor. It supports multiple types of data precision and is suitable for AI training and inference scenarios (mainly inference). The Atlas 300 AI accelerator card uses a groundbreaking Da Vinci architecture to unlock industry-leading performance and energy efficiency. It can be widely used for data centers and the intelligent edge.

Safe City
For facial recognition in scenarios such as public security management, customs and border defense, safe campus, and population database cross-check

Smart Transportation
For traffic violation investigation and vehicle tracking in applications such as license plate recognition, vehicle big data analytics, and track analysis.

Smart Finance
For automatic identification and content of financial documents, financial statements, cards, and insurance claims; supports service processes on smartphones.


  • 64 TOPS INT8 / 32 TFLOPS FP16 @ 67 W
  • Supports real-time analytics of 64-channel HD videos, and JPEG encoding/decoding
  • 32 GB memory, 204.8 GB/s memory bandwidth, with support for ECC
  • PCIe 3.0 x16, half-height half-length card
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