Atlas Intelligent Computing Platform

Atlas AI Computing Platform

High-Powered AI Computing Platform

Huawei Atlas AI Computing Platform is powered by Huawei Ascend series AI processors and mainstream heterogeneous computing components. It provides a rich array of product form factors, such as modules, cards, edge stations, and appliances, enabling all-scenario AI infrastructure solutions for device-edge-cloud. It is widely applied in scenarios such as safe city, smart transportation, smart healthcare, and AI inference. As an important part of Huawei’s full-stack AI solution, the Atlas AI Computing Platform unlocks unparalleled compute power to help customers embrace an AI-driven future.

Supreme compute power

Inspired by Huawei Ascend series AI processors, a single chip delivers 16 TeraOPS (TOPS) of INT8 and supports real-time analytics of 16-channel HD videos with a power consumption of less than 8 Watts.

All-scenario AI

The all-scenario AI infrastructure solution is designed and tuned for device-edge-cloud, fully meeting the AI application scenario requirements in the intelligent era.

Open Ecosystem

Supports mainstream frameworks, and provides easy-to-use code porting and model conversion tools, allowing for flexible collaboration with industry ISVs to build an open industry ecosystem.

Atlas 200 AI Accelerator Module
Atlas 200 AI Accelerator ModulePackaged in a form factor half the size of a credit card, the Atlas 200 consumes only 10 Watts of power, supports 16-channel real-time HD video analytics, and can be deployed on devices such as cameras and drones.
Atlas 300 AI Accelerator Card
Atlas 300 AI Accelerator CardWith a HHHL PCIe standard card form factor, the Atlas 300 is positioned for data center and edge servers, supports multiple data precisions, and delivers up to 64 TOPS of INT8 on a single card, a 3x lead over competing products in the industry.
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Atlas 500 AI Edge Station
Atlas 500 AI Edge StationThis industry-leading edge product integrates AI processing capabilities and supports
16-channel HD video processing in the size of an STB,
delivering a 4x performance over existing products in the marketplace.
Atlas 800 AI Appliance
Atlas 800 AI ApplianceBased on the standard framework and programming environment, it provides an optimized AI environment with a pre-installed software library for cluster management and task scheduling, and system-level performance monitoring.
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